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Privacy Policy For Julie Richman Photography

Part One: Accepted Information and How It Is Used.
a.) Julie Richman Photography does collect personal information on its website, http://www.julierichmanphotography.com. This information can include, but is not limited to: name, age, email address, website, etc. Please note that we will never ask you for your bank account or social security number on this website.
b.) All information collected on this website is kept confidential, and never sold or transfered to any third party.
c.) If a user's email address or other personal information including, but is not limited to: instant messenger name, phone number, etc. is posted in their profile in our forums or members section, that information is exempt from Part One, Section B of this privacy policy since we cannot control who views a user's profile.
d.) Julie Richman Photography collects information such as, but is not confined to browser type, screen resolution, and operating system upon navigation to this website.
e.) This website uses cookies to record user, session, and other types of information.
f.) In order to submit personal information on, obtain a membership on, or receive email from this website you are required to be at least thirteen (13) years of age. Children under the age of thirteen (13) must have permission from their parent or legal guardian to have these restrictions lifted.

Part Two: Liability
a.) Julie Richman Photography is not liable by any means of false or fraudulent claims made by a user of our forum.
b.) Julie Richman Photography does link to external websites, and is not responsible for the content on them.
c.) Once a user submits information on this website, that individual is agreeing to this privacy policy in its entirety.
d.) Julie Richman Photography shall not be held responsible for the interactions and behavior between visitors, both online and in-person.
e.) This website uses MySQL databases to store information when a user submits a form. Information stored includes, although not confined to personal information provided by the user, as well as impersonal information such as statistics information on how many users visit this website. In the event that a database is accessed by an unauthorized party, Julie Richman Photography is not liable for information stolen, how it is used, or if such information is sold or transfered to a third party.
f.) Julie Richman Photography reserves the right to restrict access to any user without expressed reasoning. Julie Richman Photography also reserves the right to terminate membership accounts without prior notice if it deems the user's activity inappropriate, abusive, destructive, racist, hateful, and/or such activities conflict with guidelines presented within this article.

Part Three: Abuse, Spam
a.) Whenever a user submits information through this website, the IP address of that individual is logged.
b.) Julie Richman Photography does not and will not tolerate If a user submits information in which is hurtful, distasteful, obscene, off-topic, or racist. If such an event occurs, Julie Richman Photography will take proper measures to deal with the situation.
c.) If a user suspects any suspicious behavior, they are asked to contact us.

Part Four: Contact Information and Closing Statements
a.) If you need help understanding this privacy policy, please contact us.
b.) This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

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